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Updated: Jun 16

Hello, and welcome to Christian Erudition! My name is Elijah and my wife is Michelle. I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you a little about myself, Christian Erudition, and what you can expect from this ministry.

I am a native of Georgia and currently reside in Atlanta. I live in an apartment with my wife and 2 silly parakeets. I received my bachelors from Kennesaw State University in History and Business. I then went on to earn my Masters Degree in Teaching History from Georgia State University. Growing up was not easy for me and by my late teens, I was quite broken. Finally, at 18, I surrendered my life to following after God and that began my journey of faith. It was not until I was 22, however, that I experienced the gospel in all its wonder and awe for the first time and was saved. And though the road has been very difficult at times, this gospel has never ceased to sustain and comfort.

Along with my Christian faith, I have an insatiable appetite to understand. It has been reported that Aristotle once stated that, “all men by nature desire to know.” I can testify to this desire in myself. And while I am fascinated by many topics, it has been truth about God which has most captivated me. Thus, while the question, “how many lightyears from the earth is the sun” is intriguing, I am much more interested in the question, “is there a Creator,” or “how old is the universe.” I might also find compelling the history of Mayan culture, but I would be more drawn to observe how their history reveals truths about our humanity, or wonder how cultures lived without the gospel, or whether they did possess the gospel to some degree.

Life is filled with questions and it seems the more answers we obtain, the more questions they beget. The goal of Christian Erudition is not to arrive at omniscience. This, I believe, is reserved for God alone. Rather, it is to participate in the quest for truth. I love a verse from Proverbs which states that “It is the glory of God to conceal things, but the glory of kings is to search things out” (Proverbs 25:2). There is much hidden to us finite creatures and will perhaps never be revealed. However, there is much concealed which, with some seeking, may be known. I find nothing more satisfying in life than the uncovering of Truth - especially when this Truth leads us to a glimpse of the Infinite, namely God himself. I look forward to your company as we traverse hard questions and seek solid and reasonable answers. Apart from mere intellectual pursuits, however, I look forward to getting to know you personally! I am poised to engage in healthy and respectful dialogue as we all seek to know something more about the truth. As a matter of fact, why don’t you begin this journey by checking out my first article.

John Calvin's Rebuttals to his Catholic Opponents, Part I

What do you think about Christian Erudition? Is there a particular topic you'd like us to address? I'd love to hear your story as well! Where are you from, what is your background?

Coming Soon...John Calvin's Rebuttals to his Catholic Opponents, Part II

In Part II of this series, we will examine how Calvin responds to the Catholic critique that the Reformers were out of step with the Church Fathers. If you would like to receive a notification of the posting of this next article and other happenings at Christian Erudition, feel free to sign up below!

Thanks for reading! -Elijah

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